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Smart Gas 1000ml

Smart Gas 1000ml
Smart Gas 1000ml
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Smart Gas 1000ml
Smart Gas 1000ml
Smart Gas 1000ml
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Smart Gas™ is a product made from highest quality ingredients, designed for gas-powered airsoft guns. It is the result of close cooperation of the trusted manufacturer with airsoft players whose comments and remarks have helped to create a mixture suitable for the most demanding customer.

Smart Gas™ is an innovative product that stands out against the competition. Its composition and high pressure provides up to 20% more power, as well as a high repeatability of shots. It is a perfect choice for any replica with a blow-back system, greatly improving the recoil of the gun and thereby making shooting even more fun.

The innovative formula of the Smart Gas™ with an increased amount of silicone oil allows the use of gas even at temperatures as low as 5°C. Even in such low temperature it lubricates and conserves the internal mechanisms at the same time.

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