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03 Jan Airsoft Hop Up
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What is hop-up?Hop-up is system in airsoft replica to the back-spin put on airsoft pellets and BBs to increase their range.Hop-up devices apply backspin to the projectile reducing the air pressure on ..
01 Jan LiPo Batteries For Airsoft
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Lithium Polymer Charging/Discharging Instructions & Safety InformationLithium Polymer Safety Tips: Lithium Polymer cells are a tremendous advance in battery technology for airsoft use. However, due to..
15 Dec The most popular of assault rifle airsoft replicas
admin 1 19903
    Many airsoft replicas are replications of weapons used today by militarized forces, regardless of how old the design may be. In this series of articles, we'll be looking at a few modern weapons. I..
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