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Drum Mag M4 1800rds
2-3 Days
Brand: ICS Model: ICS G36 G33
The handguard features 22 mm RIS mounting rails and allows to attach a wide array of additional accessories from flashlights, through laser sights, etc. The handguard also has room for storage of a dedicated battery.The top mounting rail allows for the attachment of accessories and optical sights.Th..
Ex Tax:300.00€
Brand: ICS Model: ICS PM2
The PM2 NBB CO2 pistol is a replica of the classic Russian pistol. Built with metal, non-blowback slide, and pistol grip, the ICS PM2 is simplistically designed with a fixed outer barrel system and adjustable hop-up that provides high-performance and the best accuracy possible.The pistol comes with ..
Ex Tax:202.48€
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