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Brand: Element Model: Light Mount EL
Light Mount designed for 22 mm RIS rail. Can be adjusted to the right, left and underside of barrel.Designed to hold most 25,4mm diameter flashlights.Weight: 80g..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Brand: Element Model: AK Nozzle
Material: duraconColor: blackLenght: 19.6mm..
Ex Tax:4.96€
Brand: Element Model: Other
Element is an airsoft manufacturer that aims to produce best priced parts and accessories for airsoft replicas and tactical equipment. You can find in the offer flashlights, slings, red dots, rail covers, pistons, gears, grips, motors, helmet lights, springs and many more!..
Ex Tax:0.83€
Brand: Element Model: Shims
Material: steel0.2mm - 6pcs0.3mm - 6pcs0.5mm - 6pcs..
Ex Tax:3.30€
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