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Brand: ASG Model: ASG CZ 75 P-07
The CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is the new generation of the CZ 75 family which was designed back in 1975.The CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is a compact tactical pistol and has an integrated front waiver rail for mounting light and/or laser. Non-blowback version, powered by a 12g CO2 capsule stored in the grip using the..
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MK23 Spec-Ops
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Brand: ASG Model: MK23 Spec-Ops
The MK23 Special Operations is an extremely powerful semi-automatic gas pistol and a very popular Airsoft pistol. The size alone demands respect and the enclosed silencer makes for a formidable Airsoft pistol. It has a standard Weaver/Picatinny rail for accessories mounting.Type      ..
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