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Brand: Leapers Model: Tactical Grip UTG 3.6
Vertical Grip Covert Combat Vertical Foregrip With Lever Lock. Utg Vertical Foregrip For Military & Law Enforcement Heavy Duty Tactical Vertical Foregrip Combat Ready With Waterproof Storage Cavity get ready to reduce your muzzle climb and get more weapon control and accuaracy with extra waterpr..
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Vertical Grip QD Vertical Grip QD
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Brand: Leapers Model: Vertical Grip QD
This medium vertical foregrip is made from black anodized aircraft grade aluminum and mount on the railed forend of a firearm for added stability.Aggressively textured aluminum body with robust locking bolt. Crowned bottom acts as a strike bezel in close quarters, also has hollow compartment at bott..
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