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Brand: Umarex Model: Beretta APX
The Beretta APX semi-automatic blowback BB pistol is yet another ultra-realistic replica from Umarex USA. Originally designed as a replacement for the Beretta M9, U.S. Armed Forces standard issue, but deemed too expensive for the DOD, Beretta withdrew the APX and opted to modify the M9. As a result,..
Ex Tax:128.10€
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex CO2 capsule for airsoft pistols
12g CO2 Capsule, for use in airsoft CO2 pistol replicas, etc...
Ex Tax:0.74€
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4 GBB
Licensed replica of the Glock 17 gen. 4 pistol manufactured by Umarex. It bears the markings of the manufacturer of the Glock firearms and the unique serial number. Made entirely in accordance with the original, it has a polymer frame and a metal lock, barrel, magazine and internal parts. Replica di..
Ex Tax:223.14€
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex Glock 19 GBB
The GLOCK 19 is a compact version of the GLOCK 17. The barrel and frame of this airsoft version are shorter, but the licensed replica stands up well next to its big brother. It’s almost exactly as heavy thanks to the heavy metal slide, which considerably enhances the pistol’s feel. The adjustable sh..
Ex Tax:223.14€
Brand: Umarex Model: Umarex M&P 40
The M&P is quickly becoming one of the most popular handguns used in law enforcement and military services worldwide. The front rail system allows for tactical customization, a feature lacking in most spring handguns.TypePistolCaliber6 mmLength196 mmPower sourceCO2Hop-upAdjustableFiring modeSemi..
Ex Tax:123.96€
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