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Brand: ProTechGuns Model: Grease Silicone + PTFE 3.5g
DUO PACK Silicone Grease + PTFE Grease is a set of specialized lubricants dedicated to professional usersSilicone grease – silicone grease effectively insulates, protects and preserves seals and pistons. Protects against moisture and has a wide operating temperature range: from -50°C to 200°C. It is..
Ex Tax:4.54€
Brand: ProTechGuns Model: Silicone oil spray 100ml
Silicone oil for maintenance 100ml from ProTech Guns It is a modern and extremely effective oil for CO2-powered air guns, pneumatic weapons and all types of ASG replicas. Thanks to specially selected active ingredients, it effectively preserves and gives elasticity, while preventing surface aging pr..
Ex Tax:5.78€
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