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Brand: Classic Army Model: Torque Up Motor Long Type CA
Weight: 140 gShipping weight: 150 g..
Ex Tax:23.97€
Brand: Other Model: AEG Motor
Type: High Torque / Long Type (For M4, MP5 series Airsoft AEG that uses long type motor)Application: M90~M160 spring / 280 ~ 550 FPSMaximum RPM: 27000+ r.p.m. ~850 bb/m (M120 / 8.4v)Bearing Count: 4Operating Voltage: 4.5V ~ 12VNominal Voltage: 7.4V Lipo, 9.6V NiMh, and 11.1V LipoManufacture: AIM Top..
Ex Tax:62.81€
Brand: Guarder Model: AEG Motor
High Speed Revolution (40000 rpm) Motor..
Ex Tax:29.75€
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