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Airsoft Glasses and Goggles

Brand: Other Model: Dragon Fire Glasses (Edge Tactical)
Ex Tax:33.06€
Brand: Other Model: Brilles Edge
Edge Eyewear is committed to maximizing eye safety. This serious responsibility requires rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the highest national standards. Every pair of Edge glasses is subjected to the toughest tests - because tough tests create tough glasses. When it comes to something as ..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: SwissEye Model: Glasses Lancer Tactical Clear
- light protection glasses with rubberized, fluted temples - optimal wearing comfort with ear protection because of the flat temples - temple with inclination - polycarbonate lens with antifog and antiscratch coating - 100% UVA-, UVB- and UVC-protection up to 400 nm - includes a microfiber bag – ful..
Ex Tax:17.36€
Brand: SwissEye Model: SwissEye Lancer Clear Black
The Swiss Eye Lancer clear is a lovely seated pair of glasses suitable for activities such as airsoft. It protects the eyes has polycarbonate lenses with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating and gives 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC up to 400 nanometers. The glasses come in a microfibre bag..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: FMA Model: TMC FAST Glass for Helmet
Weight: 210 g Material: nylon Camouflage: Black Color of glasses: transparent Protective visor: polycarbonateFeatures:Helmet mountable.Full seal eye protection.Light weight durable construction.Polycarbonate visor with a frame made of high-quality nylon. Designed for FAST type helmets...
Ex Tax:73.55€
Brand: FMA Model: TMC QD Glasses for Helmet
Weight: 90 g Material: nylon Camouflage: Black Color of glasses: transparent Protective visor: polycarbonate Length: 200 mm Height mm: 90Features:Helmet mountable.Full seal eye protection.Light weight durable construction.Compatibility:- Ops Core style helmet rails...
Ex Tax:33.05€
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