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BO Fabram Shotgun BO Fabram Shotgun
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Brand: Other Model: BO Fabram Shotgun
The STF/12 is the best shotgun in its class . Thanks to unique high-end features, performances and a firmly modern look, this is the shotgun of choice for growing military, Law Enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. The Airsoft replica makes no difference and follows the same path to..
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Brand: CYMA Model: CYMA CM351
Shotgun series by Cyma has the same characteristic features as all other products from this brand. Those values include solid craftsmanship, good performance and reasonable price range. CM351 is a spring action replica of a shotgun and, what’s important, has 3 inner barrels! This allows for fir..
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Brand: Other Model: Shotgun
Hop-Up: FixedShooting Mode: Single-shot (reload after every shot)Magazine capacity: 30 rdsLength: 810 mmThread: No ThreadCaliber: 6mmWeight: 1.8 kgShipping weight: 2.4 kgMuzzle Velocity (0.12g): approx. 340 fps (0.65 Joule)..
Ex Tax:107.44€
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