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G36 replicas

Airsoft rifles are the most common airsoft guns, with the M4, AK, G36 platforms being the most popular. These replicas can be used both in long and short distances. They provide both single and auto firing modes, some models even can be switched to burst mode. The replacement parts for rifles are easily accessible, with some exceptions based on the manufacturer and gearbox type.

We recommend choosing a rifle that suits your playstyle and you find attractive!

Brand: ICS Model: ICS G36 G33
The handguard features 22 mm RIS mounting rails and allows to attach a wide array of additional accessories from flashlights, through laser sights, etc. The handguard also has room for storage of a dedicated battery.The top mounting rail allows for the attachment of accessories and optical sights.Th..
Ex Tax:300.00€
Brand: J.G.Works Model: JG G36C G608
Marking with C come from world Compact no from world Commando. Just like the firearms this gun is from large part made from high quality ABS plastic. Top carrying handle offers long RIS rail for attachment of various scopes, red dots and other sights. Shorter RIS rail on the underside of the handgua..
Ex Tax:148.76€
Brand: Specna Arms Model: SA G36 G11V
The replica, similarly to the original, was made of durable polymer, metal and, in the most vulnerable places, steel (steel parts include screws, pins and tactical sling adapters). The replica is equipped with a forward RIS 22 mm rail (on top and in the bottom) as well a KeyMod mount (on the sides)...
Ex Tax:247.11€
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