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Pistols are commonly used as a secondary weapon or in close-quarters combat, because of their quick maneuverability. Most common are Glock type pistols, Colt, Beretta, Revolvers etc.

Brand: ASG Model: ASG CZ 75 P-07
The CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is the new generation of the CZ 75 family which was designed back in 1975.The CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is a compact tactical pistol and has an integrated front waiver rail for mounting light and/or laser. Non-blowback version, powered by a 12g CO2 capsule stored in the grip using the..
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Brand: Other Model: ASG Dan-Wesson 2.5
The replica is made of metal and plastic. The element that is made of plastic is the pistol grip. Its surface is rough what makes that the replica lies stable in the hand. The front part of the pistol grip is profiled.The revolver is powered by CO2 capsules. The bullet chamber is located in the pist..
Ex Tax:132.23€
Brand: Umarex Model: Beretta APX
The Beretta APX semi-automatic blowback BB pistol is yet another ultra-realistic replica from Umarex USA. Originally designed as a replacement for the Beretta M9, U.S. Armed Forces standard issue, but deemed too expensive for the DOD, Beretta withdrew the APX and opted to modify the M9. As a result,..
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Brand: CYMA Model: CYMA CM030
Electric R18C capable of shooting semi or full auto. No more annoying spring pull back or gas filling. Just insert NiCd battery (battery and charger included) and BBs into metal magazine. The body is made ​​of durable ABS plastic. Suitable ammunition weight is 0.20gTypePistolCaliber6 mmLength200 mmP..
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Brand: ICS Model: ICS PM2
The PM2 NBB CO2 pistol is a replica of the classic Russian pistol. Built with metal, non-blowback slide, and pistol grip, the ICS PM2 is simplistically designed with a fixed outer barrel system and adjustable hop-up that provides high-performance and the best accuracy possible.The pistol comes with ..
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Brand: KJ Works Model: KJW 1911 KP-07
KP07 replica manufactured by KJ Works was made almost entirely from metal. Only elements made from polymer are some small parts from inner mechanism. In addition, grip covers are made of gum rubber, which provides a comfortable grip and increases the stability of the gun when handling it with gloves..
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Brand: KJ Works Model: KJW KP13
The KJ KP-13 series is a modern striker fire style, polymer frame pistol. This particular variant comes with the ability to shoot full auto. You can simply adjust your mode of fire by using the easy to access fire selector on the side of the slide (left side, rear). The pistol features a light weigh..
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Brand: KJ Works Model: KJW M9A1
M9A1 replica is a reproduction of a popular italian pistol. Replica was made from polymer and metal. It's characterized by a nice weight - 1kg! because it's almost full metall -skeleton, slide, magazine and barrel were made from metal. Only grip covers were made from polymer.Repl..
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Brand: Other Model: KWC PM
The Russian PM pistol resulted from a design competition for replacing the Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol and the Nagant M1895 revolver. Rather than building a pistol to an existing cartridge in the Soviet inventory, Nikolai took up the German wartime Walther "Ultra" design, fundamentally an en..
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Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: GBB
Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Non-Blowback Gas PistolThe Tokyo Marui MK23 is an iconic pistol, taken to the next level of performance. This TM SOCOM is also one of the most popular primary weapons among the sniper community. Other than it’s superb range and accuracy, what truly sets this pistol apart from ..
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MK23 Spec-Ops
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Brand: ASG Model: MK23 Spec-Ops
The MK23 Special Operations is an extremely powerful semi-automatic gas pistol and a very popular Airsoft pistol. The size alone demands respect and the enclosed silencer makes for a formidable Airsoft pistol. It has a standard Weaver/Picatinny rail for accessories mounting.Type      ..
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Brand: Tokyo Marui Model: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 GBB
Superbly made Hi-Capa 4.3 compact sport airsoft gun in lightweight, high capacity version, equipped with a Hard Kick system. The replica was made of excellent quality ABS polymer in a non-standard, geometric style. The model is distinguished by an interesting, different design from among pistol..
Ex Tax:206.61€
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