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M4 replicas

Airsoft M4 Carbine is the most customizable and universal airsoft platform. Originated from the United States it has a sturdy body and almost all parts can be found without a hassle. This is a great platform both for experienced and new players.

Airsoft rifles are the most common airsoft guns, with the M4, AK, G36 platforms being the most popular. These replicas can be used both in long and short distances. They provide both single and auto firing modes, some models even can be switched to burst mode. The replacement parts for rifles are easily accessible, with some exceptions based on the manufacturer and gearbox type.

We recommend choosing a rifle that suits your playstyle and you find attractive!

A&K M4 MOE Desert A&K M4 MOE Desert
2-3 Days
Brand: A&K Model: A&K M4 MOE Desert
TypeM4Caliber6 mmLength870 / 790 mmPower sourceAEGHop-upAdjustableFiring modeSemi, autoMaterialMetal, ABSColourBlackWeight2.8 kgInner Barrel6.08 mmGearboxV2MagazineHi-CapMagazine Capacity300 bbsBatteryNoBattery ChargerNoQuick change springNoMosfetNoPower (m/s with 0.2g) / J120 m/s / 1.44 J..
Ex Tax:264.45€
Brand: ARES Model: M4
The ARES Amoeba AM-016 AEG Series comes in either tan or black and is the latest line of Amoeba AEGs which we all know to be more reliable than its predecessors. This particular M4 style is known as the Honey Badger from the popular computer game Call Of Duty.   Ares are known for mak..
Ex Tax:351.24€
Brand: Classic Army Model: Classic Army CA4 KM10
The inside of the replica is truly professional. Features low-resistance wiring, MOSFET module for highest energy efficiency and additional reinforcements for all circuits vulnerable to electric stress and temperature. One-piece, metal Hop-Up in rotatable system provides increased tightness of syste..
Ex Tax:264.46€
Brand: Other Model: Colt M4 Hornet Full Metal Red
NEW GENERATION M4 HORNET RED FOX OFFICIAL LOGOS COLT ARMAMENT USAThis rugged M4 features a metal body, maintaining a stiff and rugged construction to provide more strength and precision on the court. The M-Lok metal rail allows a wide choice of accessories to customize the speargun according to pref..
Ex Tax:289.26€
Brand: CYMA Model: CYMA M4 CM008-A KeyMod
Replica of model M4 URX4 [CM.008-A] with metal body and shortened outer barrel from one piece.Gun comes from latest edition which has metal body with functional dust cover and bolt catch. Modern version of shortened M4 with metal URX4 handguard, which allows to use of tactical accessories. As s..
Ex Tax:247.93€
Brand: Specna Arms Model: M4 MK18 SA-C19
The carbine has engraved licensed markings of Daniel Defense® - a firearms manufacturer from the USA, which since 2002 specializes in providing various variants of the AR15 and accessories, also on special requests by USSOCOM. The receiver, the buffer tube and an SF stock that holds the battery..
Ex Tax:247.93€
Brand: G&G Model: G&G M4 CM16
The CM16 carbine replica made by G&G was made within the Combat Machine Project which goal is to deliver high class replicas in the price which can be considered economical. The Combat Machine replica characterize themselves by the highest, characteristic for the G&G company, quality of make..
Ex Tax:198.35€
Brand: G&G Model: GG TR16 CRW Cannon
The TR16 CRW Cannon of the brand G&G is an electric (AEG) replica based on the M4/M16 platform. It is very compact and a great choice for indoor and close range game. Both the body and the rails are fully made of metal to give this TR16 CRW Cannon a realistic weight and feeling.  There are ..
Ex Tax:404.96€
SA M4 A03 Chaos Bronze SA M4 A03 Chaos Bronze
2-3 Days
Brand: Specna Arms Model: SA M4 A03 Bronza
This weapon features incredibly study build materials including anodised Alloys, Nylon fiber reinforced Polymers and a powder coated finish making it an extremely solid and pleasant rifle to hold. The front of the rifle features a bronze 20mm railed handguard which is seriously solid, and finis..
Ex Tax:280.99€
Brand: Specna Arms Model: SA M4 B04
The Specna Arms brand SA-B04 carbine replica made predominantly of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum with the use of steel elements in the most neuralgic points of the replica ( the screws, the pins and the tactical sling attachment points are made of steel ). The SF type stock which holds th..
Ex Tax:268.60€
Brand: Specna Arms Model: SA M4 B05
SA-B05 assault rifle replica by Specna Arms is made largely of a uniform zinc and aluminum alloy, reinforced with steel elements in the most vulnerable points of the replica (steel elements - all the screws, pins and tactical sling swivels). Both the SF stock storing the battery and the pistol grip ..
Ex Tax:256.20€
Brand: VFC Model: VFC Avalon Sabre CQB
The VFC VR16 Saber CQB AEG features a metal receiver and high quality VR16 engravings. Extendable stock allows you to adjust the length of rifle to fits your body! Comes with a 120 round Mid capacity magazine. Metal flash hider can be screwed off for installation of a 14mm clockwise threaded silence..
Ex Tax:537.19€
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