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You can (but not necessarily) register, to buy in our e-shop. However, by creating an account at you will be able to buy faster, get an overview of your orders and other information.

You can order the goods by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button to insert the selected item into the shopping cart. You select and store the other items in the same way. The basket remembers all the items you have entered while viewing our store. We recommend signing up before buying, and if your PC is restarted, the item will remain in the basket.

The amount of items in the basket can be adjusted as required. To enter the changes, you must press the button with the two arrow keys. If the goods are not in stock or if you do not have enough stock you require, you will only be informed when the goods are in the basket. So try to reduce the number of pieces or throw the item out of the basket. If you need to delete any of the items in the basket, press the Remove button.

Our e-shop offers goods that are actually present in our warehouse. Thanks to this we can send your order very quickly. Items that are currently sold can not be placed in a basket. The "Buy" button is inactive.

Once you have your basket filled with everything you want to order, please estimate shipping costs and payment information by checkout. Furthermore, the contact, or delivery address. You must agree to these terms and conditions before confirming your order. If everything is OK, by clicking on the Confirm Order button, the binding order will be sent to our database. Once you have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email at the address given to you.

Orders received are usually sent on the following business day. The supplier (see the operator) reserves the right to extend this period if the goods are not in stock or other unforeseen events occur. In that case, the customer will be informed immediately by e-mail or by telephone.

According to the legislation of Latvia, as well as most of the European Union countries airsoft products cannot be sold to persons under the age of 18, thus we ask you to provide a copy of an official document ID card or a passport, stating your full name and birth date to process the order.

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